An exceptional site

Between ocean and mountain, dominating the Archilua cliffs, the 2.5 ha garden is a haven of peace. Only the sounds of nature, the breaking of the waves and wind disturb the silence

The Jean Bost pavilion

A multi-purpose centre for research and conservation, open to the public for information, lectures and exhibitions.

It is also the Southern Centre (outpost) of the Conservatoire botanique Sud-Atlantique with which the Garden enjoys scientific cooperation.

A unique botanical collection

Most of the rich, often little known, flora of the cliffs, coastal moors and dunes is to be found in its natural environment in the Paul Jouvet botanical garden. The natural flora, together with plants from the five continents and selections of outstanding horticultural plants, provide a uniquely rich collection which inspires respect for nature and an appreciation of our natural heritage.


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Les Amis du Jardin botanique littoral Paul Jovet
31 avenue Gaëtan Bernoville, 64500, Saint-Jean-de-Luz